The members of M&A Worldwide meet as a group twice a year in the Spring and Fall. An individual country member typically acts as host and organizes the business meetings and social events.

Recent Conventions

In November 2016, the meeting took place in New Delhi, India, hosted by Corporate Catalyst India.

In May 2016, the group met in Warsaw, Poland, hosted by Capital One Advisers and JP Weber.

Next Convention

On May 18-19, 2017, Bluebox will host the meeting in London, United Kingdom.


25th Convention – New Delhi (India) – 17/11/2016

Group picture v2

24th Convention – Warsaw (Poland) – 12/05/2016

Group photo

23rd Convention – Shanghai (China) – 05/11/2015


A few highlights of the Convention in Shanghai:

Björn Voigt, Chairman, M&A Worldwide: “The big market drivers for sure are chemicals, Internet companies, the big conglomerates.”

“An important driver in our business is private equity money, or family office money. Out of the $4.7 trillion volume, it’s a half a trillion coming out of private equity. I found it quite interesting, the proportion of private equity money or family offices money in the total volume of deals around the globe.”

“The credit market remained favorable and companies are sitting on records of cash ready to be invested.”

Madam Wu, Vice-Chairman, Shanghai Municipal Government, Commission of Commerce: “A new round of technological and industrial innovation is under way and China is at the center of this transformation. Apart from looking for collaboration in technology, products and projects, Chinese companies are also seeking opportunities to upgrade themselves. For high-end manufacturing, a new generation of information technology and the service industry will become pillars of cross-border M&A deals. It can be foreseen that as Chinese companies accumulate experience in overseas M&A, they will become ever more active in the M&A market.“

Mark Lerner, Board Member, M&A Worldwide: “There’s been a slowdown in the Chinese domestic market, so Chinese companies are looking to continue their growth globally. Chinese companies have enormous excess cash on their balance sheets. The government is encouraging globalization of Chinese companies because they want Chinese companies to compete globally.”

group photo in istanbul 2015

22nd Convention – Istanbul (Turkey) – 28/05/2015

Convention in Bordeaux

20th Convention – Bordeaux (France) – 22/05/2014


M&A Worldwide Conventions

12/2004 London Great Britain  
06/2005 Düsseldorf Germany  
11/2005 Madrid Spain  
05/2006 Bordeaux France  
11/2006 Düsseldorf Germany  
05/2007 Oslo Norway  
11/2007 Amsterdam Netherlands  
05/2008 Antwerpen Belgium  
11/2008 Marseille France  
05/2009 Istanbul Turkey  
11/2009 Zürich Switzerland  
05/2010 Segovia/Madrid Spain  
11/2010 Düsseldorf Germany  
05/2011 Washington USA  
10/2001 Tel Aviv Israel  
04/2012 Budapest Hungary  
11/2012 Paris France  
05/2013 Milano Italy  
11/2013 Casablanca Morocco  
05/2014 Bordeaux France  
10/2014 Düsseldorf Germany  
05/2015 Istanbul Turkey  
11/2015 Shanghai China  
05/2016 Warsaw Poland  
11/2016 New Delhi India  
05/2017 London United Kingdom