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Continuous growth & extension of our network

It is a decade ago when we laid the foundations for M&A Europe which now lives on as

M&A WORLDWIDE – The Network for Mergers & Acquisitions

Our network, spread over 5 continents, is becoming truly global. However, we conduct an open door policy to pursue further network growth. Besides, there still are so-called white spots on the earth where we would like to attract additional partner organisations. To name some important focus areas where we still seek representatives:

  • UAE, Kuwait, Jordan, Lebanon, Qatar in the Middle East
  • Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Venezuela in South America
  • South Korea, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines, Indonesia, Brunei and Taiwan in the Far East

Our dynamic network is characterized by its diversified set of professionals with common denominators as our combined interest to do more cross-border deals by offering multi country opportunities to our clients. It is our overall aim to develop a fruitful global partnership for all stakeholders.
Applicants and/or referrals should preferably meet the following criteria:

  1. Experience & track record for more than 5 years in M&A;
  2. More than 50 % corporate finance related activities with a strong cross-border orientation.

Our standard procedure is that we forward candidates – at their request – an application form followed by an introductory meeting with one or more members of our Executive Board. Please apply through Mark Lerner (Worldwide) or Carlos Parizotto (Americas) admission officers at:

Morgen Evan in China. Tel: 0086 (21) 3635-3980

Cypress Associates do Brasil in Brazil. Tel: 0055 11 2050 4050