New International Markets Entry Strategies

The Challenge

How do we establish an international presence in a new market?

The Situation

You are the manager of a company with products that you believe have international market potential. Or, perhaps you are responsible for business development in a medium-sized company that has reached its peak growth potential in its home market or has met increased competition from domestic companies. Either way, the need to access new markets is clear, as is the need to quickly take your company international.

The Dilemma

Entering an international market is filled with risk and presents a whole new set of challenges beyond those traditionally encountered by businesses operating strictly in a domestic market. Some examples: unfamiliar laws and legal practices, cultural barriers (including language and business practices), brand awareness (or lack thereof) and economic factors. You can also count on a demand for separate resources needed for supervision and follow-up of international activities, as well as the need for considerable investments (both before the international operation is up and running and afterward). Additionally, once the negotiation stage is reached, many players find themselves at a disadvantage, dealing with companies that are much more skilled at handling international negotiations and agreements. This is why a systematic approach, when operating on an international stage, is necessary. During your decision process, you should closely review detailed market analyses as well as alternative market entry strategies (for example, agents, distributors, joint ventures, acquisitions, company sales offices, etc.) and various partner candidates. Adequate management resources and international experience with negotiations and various forms of partnerships will also be key factors to your success.

M&A Worldwinde’s Competitive Advantages

M&A Worldwide has years of experience working in international markets. Our Partners have handled a full range of international M&A associated services: acquisitions, joint ventures and distribution agreements among others. We professionally address the various risk elements described above, evaluating different candidates and alternatives for creating the best possible « win-win » solutions in international markets.