In 2016 reporting members of M&A Worldwide completed 641 deals (214 sellside, 79 buyside, 97 financing and 251 other) with a value of €3.4 Billion ($3.7 B).

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Recent Deals

ACTIVE M&A Experts GmbH, Düsseldorf, Germany, successfully advised ESKER S.A., Lyon, France, on a 75% takeover of the shares of e-integration GmbH, Ratingen, Germany in February 2017.
E-integration GmbH is an important and successful electronic data interchange (EDI) provider. ESKER saw a strategic opportunity to expand its coverage in Germany by joining forces with a well-integrated German player.
MBA Capital, Paris, France, Bernard Lechat, entrusted its customer ESKER to ACTIVE M&A Experts. Having already successfully acquired a company in France with the support of MBA Capital, ESKER still builds upon the  M&A Worldwide network to grow its international presence.

MBA Capital, Bordeaux, France, and SCS Global Consulting, Singapore, both acted  as buy-side advisors of Nankai Plywood in the acquisition of ROLPIN, the French leading manufacturer of pine plywood (annual turnover of €16m),and of ROLKEM, a 8m€ phenolic resin producer. Nankai Plywood, a Japanese integrated wood processing company, is engaged in the manufacturing and selling of construction interior materials in Japan and overseas, with an annual turnover of €120m and more than 1.400 employees. The acquisition of Rolpin was a strategic move to get  access to the French and European markets  The acquisition of Rolpin was completed as of 1st of April 2014, and Nankai Plywood has planned to invest over €8m over 3 years in plant equipment.

ACTIVE M&A Experts, Düsseldorf, Germany, advised SGPA, France, a private owned French investor, for a 100% takeover of the shares of Fröhlich + Walter GmbH on March 2014. Frölich + Walter GmbH is an important and successful distributor of electronic items in Germany. It saw a fundamental move of its company through this operation with the exchange of specific know-how of both parties on markets and on supply. Linkers, France, whose SGPA is a customer, confined this mission to its German partner ACTIVE M&A Experts.

S&P, Düsseldorf, Germany and Focus LLC, Washington, DC, USA, advised Takata, Japan, through an auction process managed by Rothschild, New York, USA governing the purchase of BAE Systems Safety Products Inc. Florida, USA and Schroth Safety Products GmbH, Arnsberg, Germany. The two businesses design and manufacture restraints and safety products that are utilized across commercial and defense ground and aerospace platforms. Takata was successful in the auction and an agreement was announced on December 23, 2011, subject to receipt of certain regulatory approvals. These were duly received and the purchase closed on March 5, 2012 for $32M.