About us

M&A Worldwide was founded in 2004 as a result of the increased number of cross-border transactions. Our worldwide network consists of leading M&A boutiques with a proven track-record and expertise.

Through our partnership we are able to access strategic buyers, acquisition and merger candidates, and financial resources to deliver outstanding results in cross-border transactions.

Why us

M&A Worldwide manages corporate finance and restructuring activities on behalf of clients. We advise and assist our clients through a range of demanding situations, including partner searches, mergers, acquisitions, company sales & divestitures, strategic alliances and financial restructuring.

Business Philosophy

M&A Worldwide’s philosophy is to fulfill our clients’ strategic objectives. In summary:

  • We emphasize detailed factual analysis and close communication with the client
  • We emphasize speed, response and follow-through
  • Our clients’ long term interests are ours
  • Integrity is our watchword

Focus Activities

We are generalists but many of us have particular focus on one sector or another.